Residents at Carriage Lane Residences say they’re coping with longstanding mattress bug challenge


EAST LANSING, me. – Residents of the Carriage Lane Apartments in Okemos say they have had a persistent bed bug infestation and don’t know how long they can tolerate it.

“You are there menu”

“Bed bugs are not like cockroaches. They are not like ants. You won’t go to your kitchen and dine there. They are their menu, ”said resident Peggy Miller.

Mary Ewing, Peggy Miller, and Sue Gibbons, who are residents of the complex, say they have dealt with bed bugs for nearly seven years and the tiny squatters made their living conditions unbearable.

“I’ve killed some of them, but most of the time I just wake up with a bite.”

“See, Sue can actually see her, I don’t see her,” Miller said. “I’ve killed some of them, but most of the time I just wake up with a bite.”

The Ingham County Housing Commission owns the building and residents say, despite complaining multiple times, the commission only used band aids on the issue.

“Now all they do is spray,” Miller said.

The Housing Commission did not immediately respond to a request for comment. However, a letter sent to residents two weeks ago indicated that they are working on the issue and that residents will still have the option of accessing public areas

“It doesn’t work”

“It doesn’t work,” said Gibbons. “People have sprayed their homes five times and it just doesn’t work.”

Carriage Lane is a subsidized apartment complex with hundreds of tenants dealing with mental and physical health issues. Residents said they couldn’t get medical care at home due to the bed bug problem.

Residents could not receive home medical services.

“On February 2nd, I said, ‘I think I have bed bugs,” Miller said. “My aides are taking precautions to protect me from COVID, and I said I don’t think they deserve to have bed bugs To take home. “

The residents say they are now hoping for a quick solution to this longstanding problem.

“Please take care of it immediately because we are suffering,” said Ewing.