Windsor Ranks amongst Worst Cities for Mattress Bugs in Annual Record


Windsor continues to improve but remains on a dubious list when it comes to bed bug infestations.

Orkin pest control company has its own fourth annual list of the 25 worst Canadian cities when it comes to bed bugs. The company rates each city based on the number of treatments given from January to December of each year.

Windsor was ranked 21st on the list in 2020, compared to 11 in 2019 and ninth in 2018 – with Toronto, Sudbury, Oshawa, Vancouver and Winnipeg rounding off the top 5.

Bruno Levesque, regional manager for Ontario, says Windsor has seen a significant decline.

“They’ve had a decline in the bed bug population in Windsor,” says Levesque. “All of these statistics are based on the number of bed bug jobs we booked through our home and business customers.”

He wasn’t surprised to see the year-to-year difference in Windsor and other cities.

“We can link the decline in bed bugs across Canada to the coronavirus lockdown,” he says. “There has been much less travel within Canada and abroad, so people are less likely to come into contact with bed bugs and bring them home.”

According to the company, signs of a problem are tiny dark spots, poured skins, or live bed bugs.

Orkin says you should check mattress tags and seams under seat cushions, behind headboards, folds of drawers, buckled wallpaper, or carpets for bed bugs.

The pest control company recommends that you check all used furniture before bringing it to your home.

Before returning home after the trip, residents should check their bags and check their clothes and other items for bed bugs.

– with files from AM800’s Rob Hindi