WI Shelter Names Rodents After Your Ex Then Feeds Them to Snakes


There is an animal shelter on Lake Winnebago where you can name a cockroach or rat after your ex. Then you can see online what happens next.

J&R Aquatic Animal Rescueis located in Menasha, Wisconsin. This town of around 20,000 people is located near the northern tip of Lake Winnebago. They put together a great $ 5 fundraiser to take care of the animals at the shelter.

For just five dollars, you can name a cockroach or other rodent after your ex-lover. But J&R takes it one step higher. For $ 20, after naming your bad guy, you can go online and watch him feed on one of his predators. Well, that’s how it works.

It’s the “Achy Breaky Bugs” event on Valentine’s Day.

J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue via Facebook

J&R will be streaming the feeds on Facebook Live on Valentine’s Day at 5 p.m.

If it’s not on social media, did it even happen? You will receive a personalized picture to share. To really stick it to your ex, post and tag it. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #achybreakybugs

You have until February 13th to place your order.

Every possible detail you might need can be found on the Achy Breaky Bugs Facebook event page.

Be sure to visit the J&R Aquatic Animal Rescue website at https://www.jraar.org

[H/T CBS 58]

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