The way to fend off bugs as rising temps welcome critters in Texas


HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – The beetles will return to Houston in warmer weather, but you can prevent them from colonizing your home and yard.

You can do it yourself or hire a pest control service. However, if you are concerned about bugs, now is the time to take action.

Bugs are coming back! This is a hissing cockroach, and it won’t be directed to your home, but its cousins ​​will be! Come see us tomorrow morning at 5 and 6 a.m. on # ABC13 to see how to keep them at bay!

– Jeff Ehling (@ JeffEhlingABC13) April 21, 2021

“You take the Apex cockroach bait and make about 100 small, BB-sized dots in your kitchen. Under the edge of the cabinet. Under the sink where you see them,” said Ronny Wheeler of Solutions Pest and Lawn.

Wheeler says a lot of people see army snailworms on their plants as well.

He recommends using a product called Ignite. All you have to do is dilute it and spray it on your plants.

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As far as fleas, fire ants, chinch bugs and crickets are concerned, distributing Bifen L / P granules will pay off in the coming weeks with a bug-free yard.

“You send it out and moisten it, and this product lasts a good five to six months,” said Wheeler.

The time to do this is now, before you see the pests return to your yard and home.

A bag of Bifen L / P is roughly $ 31, the Ignite $ 44.99, and the Apex $ 24.99.

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