Tenant’s nightmare in high-rise flat infested with mattress bugs, silverfish and beetles


A vulnerable tenant suffers sleepless nights and obsessive-compulsive disorder as they are forced to live alone in an infested apartment on the east end.

Andrew Breslin, 42, spotted silverfish and beetles when he first moved into the Sandyhills skyscraper in February, despite saying he “didn’t think about it much”.

But when he started to wake up with rashes on his skin, he was horrified to find bed bugs in his duvet, pillow and new mattress.

Bedbugs the tenant’s ‘nightmare’

He looked under the bed and saw more insects scurrying out of the ledge and across the carpet.

He said Glasgow Live: “I’ve been hit by all the bed bugs. I haven’t had any experience with them before, but the whole place is crawling with them.

“I woke up early one morning and saw two of them crawling the covers toward me. And there were babies under the pillow. They leave terrible marks.”

Andrew explains that he contacted the housing officer who said it was a problem they had not experienced before. An exterminator was sent out to spray the property in November and said they would return to do the work.

The tenant has since turned to the contractor and claimed that his calls and texts were “hidden”.

Desperate Andy has removed the laminate floor while waiting for the pest control

He admits that his depression worsened because of the problem.

He added, “I’m sleeping on the sofa now, but they started following me there.

“I now have the same ritual before going to bed. I check the pillows and the duvet.

“It’s a fight. I don’t know how much I can take anymore. I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder with faults and that affected me very much. It really makes me work around the curve. This kind of problem plays with the psychological one People’s health.

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“I can’t even sleep properly because I have a creepy crawl. It’s become a nightmare. I’m at the end of my joke.”

Andrew added, “I understand these are tough times and everything is down to lockdown, but it is pushing me over the edge. I have nowhere else to go.”

A GHA spokesman confirmed that the housing association had reached out to Mr Breslin at the time of publication.

He said, “We tried several times to contact this tenant to make an appointment for our specialist contractors to sort through the latest issue, but we were unable to reach them by phone or email.

“We were very sorry to hear that the problem had come back after our contractors addressed the problem in November, followed by regular weekly reviews. We know this affects the tenant’s wellbeing so there is no problem fixing the problem.

“We finally got in touch with him today and will try to resolve this as soon as possible.”