St Audrey’s care dwelling fundraising for gardening polytunnel


As bad UK weather puts a damper on year-round gardening, a nursing home team in Old Hatfield is raising funds for a practical solution.

The staff at St Audrey’s, part of the Hatfield House Estate, hope to raise enough money to purchase and install a wheelchair accessible poly tunnel so they can enjoy gardening throughout the calendar with a number of special summer events.

Louise Salisbury, who co-organized the events with colleague Sian Oughton, said, “We cannot put into words the importance of gardening and growing to the wellbeing, physical and mental health of our residents. It gives everyone a tremendous sense of satisfaction and for some they learn a whole new skill that is fabulous in old age.

“Buying and setting up a wheelchair-accessible poly tunnel in St. Audrey’s means our residents can get their hands dirty and enjoy the benefits of gardening all year round.”

Family events over the summer will help meet their £ 5,000 goal, starting with St Audrey’s Got Talent on June 26th, a picnic in the park with staff and residents performing songs, dances and comedy acts.

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On August 1st, staff and family members will take part in a sponsored long distance walk through the WGC in hopes of walking 20 km, with residents doing their part by walking through the St Audrey Garden.

Other events include a family day and a traditional sports day, as well as a raffle with prizes donated by local businesses.

Dawn Edworthy, Sponsored Walk Organizer, said, “The Sponsored Walk is a fantastic way to raise funds for the polytunnel and it also improves relationships with our residents’ families – staying connected and building broader bonds is very important to us at Ambient important and ultimately has a positive effect on residents, families and employees. “

St Audrey’s manager Katie Hughes added, “I’m very proud of the team for creating a summer full of fun fundraisers. Their greatest determination, their commitment and their unwavering passion also show how much they care for our residents and how good quality care is really essential. I’m really looking forward to all the fun! ”

All donations from the local community are gratefully received. Please look to St Audrey’s Just Giving official site to help.