Seven gardening tendencies to alter your life | Residence

Seven gardening trends to change your life | Home

IIn an unpredictable world, our gardens offer a sense of continuity and renewal that promotes our physical and mental well-being, and as we head into a new gardening year there is much to look forward to.

From upcoming books and new plants to the latest garden trends, here’s our guide to a green 2023.

Gray oyster mushrooms grow in a mushroom patch

Until recently, growing your own edible mushrooms was a niche, but this seems to be the year they are becoming an established native crop. Caley Brothers, who specialize in growing oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds, will be exhibiting for the first time at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. Siblings Lorraine Caley and sister Jodie Bryan, who sell mushroom grow kits on their online store, recently collaborated with them