Far South Facet residents dwelling with rodents at backed advanced meet with federal leaders


CHICAGO – Residents of a subsidized housing complex on the Far South Side said they lived with cockroaches, mice, mold, termites and smelly water and they urgently needed help.

Residents of Concordia Place Apartments on South Martin Luther King Drive met with federal leaders Saturday, where many said they lived in their cars due to the dire conditions of their apartments.

“We get sick at home, sinus infections, asthma attacks, everything,” said Ashley Grace.

Roommate Laurie Henry said mice and other rodents drove her out of her apartment.

“We shouldn’t live like that,” said Henry.

At today’s meeting, organized by Rev. Jesse Jackson, residents spoke directly to officials from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and called for better living conditions.

The conversations didn’t feel fruitful for the struggling residents.

“I’m sorry, no disrespect, but HUD is not giving us any help,” said Laura Wilson.

Concordia residents cannot earn more than $ 42,000 per year, with rent being 30 percent of each resident’s income. Despite government subsidies, the building is privately owned.

Residents said the complex feels like a rundown prison with a property manager that makes life even more difficult. Complaints have existed for decades.

Today more promises were made to the residents of Concordia.

“We’ll be there. I keep trying to fix and improve things, ”said Daniel Burke of HUD.

With the new federal leadership, residents are confident that they will actually see a change in the apartments this time.

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