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Feeding the world’s overcrowded population will continue to weigh on the planet’s productive capacity. Limited land and adverse weather conditions have restricted the global cultivation of crops so much that food manufacturers are breaking down strange paths to create new edible products. And the consumption of insects is such a special way of meeting the world’s increasing food consumption. Regardless of how hungry you are, the concept of “edible insects” as food will most likely prevent any other person from consuming it. Though the person may find it rather tasty after consuming these juicy beetle larvae!

Outlook on the global edible insect market

Due to the growing desire to eat more insects, the global edible insect market is already growing, accounting for USD XX million with an annual growth rate of XX% in the forecast period 2018-2028. Global F&B executives and venture capitalists watch the edible insect market emerge. Increasing investments in companies that produce food derived from edible insects are affecting a likely paradigm shift in food production. While some regions are reluctant to consume foods made from edible insects, the consumption of mealworms and other worm-like insects is becoming a staple and good source of protein for the people living in the Republic of Ghana.

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Important trends influencing edible insect consumption

While the consumption of edible insects for food, also known as entomophagy, is widely practiced in China and other Southeast Asian countries, other parts of the world are developing due to some important influential trends such as:

Nutritional quotient of edible insect products: Compared to milk, 100 grams of cricket is high in fat and protein and provides more calories for our daily diet.
Novelty: Once consumers have prepared to eat insects, the demand for delicious mealworms almost never decreases.
Buying Insect Food Online: Cricket protein bars and chocolate chip cookies are on the rise on leading ecommerce sites like Amazon.

Key companies in the world edible insect market

Thailand Unique, Kreca, Nordic Insect Economy Ltd., EntomoFarms, Enviro Flight LLC, Proti-Farm, ExoInc, Entotech, Deli Bugs Ltd. and Eat Grub Ltd. are some of the leading companies in the global edible insect market

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A viable alternative to pet food and easy preparation methods are also considered to be major trends influencing edible insect consumption around the world. Several startups are developing their product portfolio by making some innovative food products that contain edible insects as well as existing delicacies.

Edible insects: food of the future

It is estimated that over two billion people around the world regularly eat insects. Insects are generally the most populous species on the planet, which means there will never be a shortage of supplies. With these two aspects in mind, eating habits in all parts of the world will sooner or later include edible insects in their diet.

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Cultural diversity, food processing methods, agricultural systems and different consumption regulations will continue to strengthen the global market for edible insects in the future. However, it cannot be denied that the consumption of insects as food has great potential to promote human health worldwide. Relieving the stressed agricultural and conventional food production system will also have a positive effect on the introduction of insect feed. People on a mineral diet might be interested in consuming healthier maggots, while the non-vegan world population is in favor of consuming insects. considering how it curbs excessive slaughter of meat while still providing excess protein intake. Looking beyond the idea of ​​eating gross insects will be the primary perspective in shaping the future of edible insects as a practical food option.

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