RimWorld Replace 1.3.3087: New Content material and Bug Fixes


RimWorld recently received a new update that added new content and fixed bugs.

Players can now replant trees. This can be done by extracting and moving as an element. If the extracted tree is not replanted within seven days, it will die. This new feature makes it easier to move trees out of the way for new buildings without “killing” them.

Rim world Update 1.3.3087

New things

  • An order has been added for dryads instructing them to return to a healing capsule. You stay in for three days and come out with healed wounds.

  • Players can now perform drafted care on downed enemy or neutral farmers.


  • Classic Ideo presets can now create relics.

  • Quest tenants and farmers of non-player ideas are no longer upset when their Ideo building isn’t there.

  • Persona weapons are no longer included in the “Allow biocoded” thing filters.

  • With the new Archonexus Settlement, players will now keep research until the classic start.

  • We are now resetting grace periods for incidents when we begin a new Archonexus settlement to allow for a smoother start.

  • Colonists now get the first thoughts of optimism after settling in the Archonexus quest line

  • Make sure clicking the ideoligion social tab opens the ideoligion tab to fix ideoligion

  • We no longer sort classic ideo styles at random. Just use whatever is in the culture.

  • Dryads now rest near their conjoined tree, not in beds or sleeping places.

  • Vegetarian dishes now allow animal products as ingredients.

  • At the start of survival meals, give some vegetarian ingredients to non-carnivore colonies instead of having no ingredients at all.

  • Removed the UI for allowed area assignment for Dryads as they ignore it anyway.


  • When resetting the mods configuration, the ideology is loaded before the license fee.

  • Shrunken trees left on caravans are not considered dead.

  • Error when creating a caravan with a reduced tree in the inventory

  • No music plays for about two minutes after loading a game

  • Caravan Auto-Supply ignores negative thoughts from eating when calculating the score.

  • Dryads listed in the Bed Assignment dialog box.

  • Enabling the disabled core mod after enabling the DLC instructs that the core mod will be loaded before the DLC.

  • Flooring cannot be built until it has been saved / loaded at least once.

  • Stacks of Gauranlen seeds can only denote a single plant cell.

  • Killing a slave in a slave rebellion causes the thought of “the death of a witnessed ally”

  • Potential mod break problem in the graphics.

You can read more about the update here.