Residents ‘fed up’ with rodents working rampant in Bolton city centre flats

Residents ‘fed up’ with rodents running rampant in Bolton town centre flats

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<p>Residents are fed up with rodents running around in apartments (Picture: Public)</p>
<p>Residents who live in city center apartments say they are fed up with mice running around.</p>
<p>Shanice Foster, 28, lives in Paderborn Court and claims to have been dealing with the problem for around two years.</p>
<p>She often sees the mice climbing on kitchen surfaces, in the living room, in the bedroom and in her bathroom.</p>
<p>Shanice said Bolton called at Home to administer poison but was told if she needed the service again she would have to pay.</p>
<p>She said: “It’s disgusting and a nightmare every day.</p>
<p>“I had to pay for poison and traps myself, and they still come into my possession.</p>
<p>“I also had to rescue mice.</p>
<p>“They were in my closets, kitchen drawers and my bathroom.”</p>
<p>She says that’s why she doesn’t want to prepare food in the kitchen.</p>
<p>Bolton at Home has said they are currently working with outside pest control companies and that they are making progress, but that the problem is “complex”.</p>
<p>Stephen Parker, 68, who lives at Jubilee House, shared his ordeal with The Bolton News in early December 2022 after saying he had seen rodents climbing up his windowsill while watching TV.</p>
<p>He says he often sees rats and mice, and that a few times he’s seen them walking around the apartment and found mouse droppings on his windowsill.</p>
<p>The Bolton News: Mouse found in Shanice’s kitchen</p>
<p><span class=Mouse found in Shanice’s kitchen (Image: Public)

He’s still dealing with the problem and wants it fixed.

Stephen said: “It’s still a problem.

“I found a crushed mouse on my couch the other day.

“They want to increase utilities and rent, but why do we have to put up with that?

“I’m fed up.”

Stephen has now said he is trying to see if residents at Paderborn Court and Jubilee House can try to set up a meeting to air their concerns.

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A spokesman for Bolton at Home said: “We are working with outside pest control companies to address the ongoing problems with mice.

“We are making progress but this is a complex situation and it will take time to get the issue under control.

“We thank our customers for their continued patience as this work continues.”

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