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ATLANTA, February 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Chicago has a new gold medal of being number 1 on Orkin’s Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List Baltimore and Washington, DC in second and third place. Despite fewer trips in 2020, bed bugs are still biting in Chicago, a popular center for tourism. In fact, the Windy City typically welcomes more than 48 million visitors annually and has a transit system of buses and trains that transport 1.7 million passengers every weekday1 – a bed bug dream.

After joining the list last year Toledo The biggest jump rose 23 places to 27th place. Denver and Charleston both broke into the top 20 and six new cities made the top 50 list for the first time this year.

The list is based on treatment data from the subway areas where Orkin performed the most bed bug treatments 1st December 2019 – – November 30, 2020. The ranking includes both inpatient and commercial treatments.

  1. Chicago (+2)
  2. Baltimore
  3. Washington, DC (-2)
  4. Detroit (+3)
  5. Columbus, OH
  6. Cleveland, OH (+5)
  7. Indianapolis (+2)
  8. Cincinnati
  9. The angel (-5)
  10. big rapids (+8)
  11. Charlotte (+9)
  12. new York (-6)
  13. Atlanta (-3)
  14. Philadelphia (-2)
  15. Champaign, IL (+1)
  16. Dallas (+1)
  17. Raleigh, NC (-3)
  18. Charleston, WV (+8)
  19. Pittsburgh
  20. Denver (+7)
  21. Flint (+7)
  22. San Francisco (-9)
  23. Greenville, SC (-9)
  24. Norfolk (-9)
  25. St. Louis (+3)
  26. Richmond, VA (-5)
  27. Toledo, OH (+23)
  28. Dayton, OH (+21)
  29. Buffalo, NY (-5)
  30. Omaha (+2)
  31. Nashville (-2)
  32. Milwaukee (+1)
  33. Fort Wayne, IN (+13)
  34. Greensboro, NC (-9)
  35. Cedar Rapids, IA (+6)
  36. Knoxville, TN (-13)
  37. Houston (+1)
  38. Davenport, IA (-1)
  39. Tampa (-5)
  40. Youngstown (new to the list)
  41. South Bend (new to the list)
  42. Phoenix (+3)
  43. Lexington (new to the list)
  44. Seattle (-1)
  45. Orlando (-9)
  46. Louisville (new to the list)
  47. Miami (-fifteen)
  48. Lansing (-18)
  49. Peoria– –Bloomington (new to the list)
  50. Minneapolis-St. Paul (new to the list)

Typically, bed bugs are 3/16 of an inch long and are mostly nocturnal insects that come out of hiding to take blood meals from sleeping humans and are red to dark brown in color. Bed bugs are hematophagous, which means that blood is their only source of food. You can travel from place to place with ease, including luggage, wallets and other personal effects.

“Bed bugs are a problem for everyone because they are hitchhikers and they travel home with people when they are unlikely to realize it,” he said Ben Hottel, an orkin entomologist. “Their way of hiding in hard-to-find cracks and crevices, once inserted into a room, can make them difficult to control. Therefore, it is recommended that a trained professional be consulted upon viewing an insertion.”

With the excitement and excitement surrounding the year 2021, it’s easy to forget that bed bugs are still a major threat and should be a priority for anyone with a desire to travel. Bed bugs can survive for several months while waiting for their next blood meal. So they are likely to occur when a source of food, humans, becomes available.

Whether you decide to travel or to be active at home, keep the acronym SLEEP in mind to check for bed bugs:

  • S.Examine the room for signs of infestation. Look for tiny, black, ink-colored stains on mattress seams, in soft furniture, and behind headboards. You can even hide in power outlets and picture frames!
  • L.ift and look in bed bugs hiding: the mattress, the box spring bed and other furniture as well as behind skirting boards, pictures and even torn wallpaper.
  • E.Luggage float off the bed and off the wall. The safest places are in the bathroom or on counters.
  • E.Check your luggage carefully as you repack it and when you return home from a trip. Always keep your luggage away from the bed. Also, double-check all used furniture and clothing before bringing them to your home, and double-check after guests visit.
  • P.Tumble-lace all tumble-dry clothes on the highest setting from your luggage in the dryer for at least 45 minutes after you return home.

Orkin is celebrating its anniversary this year and is proud to have 120 years of business. This is due to the company’s continued commitment to excellent service. With well over a century of knowledge and experience with bed bugs and cutting edge tools and products, Orkin is well equipped to assess your bed bug problem and find a strategic answer to pest your home and achieve maximum protection.

For more information on bed bug prevention, visit For more detection tips, see Orkin’s video, “How To Look For Bed Bugs In Hotel Rooms.”

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