52 pythons, 108 rodents seized in Brown County, Wisconsin Humane Society asking for donations to assist – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM


GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (AP) – The Wisconsin Humane Society said it took in 160 snakes and rodents after Brown County authorities seized them for violating the ordinance.

A total of 52 ball python snakes, 84 rats and 24 mice were confiscated Thursday in what the Humane Society dubbed the largest single-day animal seizure in recent history.

Asking the public for help in caring for these animals, the Humane Society writes, “URGENT NEED! Yesterday, the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) captured 160 animals, including 52 ball python snakes and 108 rats and mice, from a large-scale law enforcement seizure. As you can imagine, this sudden influx of species with such unique needs is draining our resources. “

The Humane Society is looking for donations as well as people to help the animals temporarily. As research is currently in progress, the animals cannot be adopted at this time.

“Pythons, rats and mice really need specialized habitats to be well cared for, like aquariums and heat lamps,” said Angela Speed, spokeswoman for the Humane Society. “Our people are really focused on upgrading their habitats from Rubbermaid plastic containers to aquariums and decent housing.”

The animals were distributed to Humane Society sites nationwide and used to care for homes to reduce exposure. Speed ​​said some will need medical attention. Though it’s still unclear, Speed ​​believes the rodents were bred to feed the snakes.

According to Speed, the Humane Society does not feed live animals to other animals.

“We adopt rats and mice every day in the Wisconsin Humane Society as companions and loving pets for humans,” said Speed. “They can be very loving and loving pets.”