Grounded introduces flying bugs |



Since its early access release this summer Grounded has brought together a good number of players thanks to its gameplay based on survival in a fairly original setting. Indeed, the game puts you in the shoes of a child who has shrunk to the size of an insect and challenges you to survive in what was once peaceful, but now very hostile, environment: the backyard of your home. More or less important updates will regularly add additional content to the game. Grounded players in particular benefited from a significant expansion of the content with the opening of the pond area at the end of the year, which offers players many new opportunities.

A new update of similar importance has just been released on the Grounded Test server. This update will be available on all servers in a few days and bring one thing that players have been waiting for: flying insects. Only three species are currently being added to the game: bees, mosquitoes, and fireflies. Of course, since Grounded is a survival game, it means that new resources can be gathered from these insects to create a variety of new items in the game. Adding flight bugs will also affect the way players play Grounded for example by forcing them to be very careful about the location of their base camp.

The update also fixes some bugs and brings some improvements, including a feature that players have been eagerly waiting for: Equipped items no longer occupy slots in the pocket. The full patch notes can be found here. If you want to test all of the contents of the new Grounded update, the test servers are available to all players on Xbox and PC.