Kollam girl makes backyard at dwelling, finally ends up profitable state govt award | Floriculture| Floriculturist| gardening| gardening ideas


Kottiyam (Kollam): This year’s “Udyanashreshta” prize of the state government was awarded by the Sheeja from Umayanalloor Perayam. The award is given to the best florist. Sheeja has cared for over 10,000 plants that belong to 150 different varieties, including microgreens to large ferns.

Sheeja’s garden is a paradise with a variety of native and foreign flowering plants. She collects plants from abroad and also learns the breeding techniques. Most of the plants come from Thailand. Plants from other countries are also abundant here.

Different types of orchids, cacti, anthuriums, money plants, succulents, zamia, hanging plants, over 140 types of begonias, 25 types of aglaonems and many other plants can be found in Sheeja’s garden. Her garden is on her home grounds.

Sheeja said her income also improved after the indoor plants recently became a hit. Her husband Shimlaj, a businessman, and the sons Shiyas, Shahid and Shabeer also support her in the project.