Gardening: Use pure merchandise equivalent to cinnamon to stop pests


Environmentally friendly products and methods are much better than chemical ones for your garden. Not only are they good for plants and the environment, they are also much cheaper and easier to obtain.

Another natural product that promotes plant growth and breathes new life into your plants is oats.

Oats are very nutrient-dense grains that contain essential minerals like phosphorus and iron that plants need to thrive.

Tombola experts have recommended adding two tablespoons of dried oats to your plants once a month.

It is best to place the oats around the bottom of the plants.

That way, your plants can add the water they need, drop by drop, when they need it.

There are many chemical fertilizers available in stores, but they can be harmful to the environment.

Instead, use a natural fertilizer like milk.

If you have stale milk in the refrigerator, you can use it for your garden instead of throwing it away.

Tombola experts recommended mixing the milk with your soil and placing it on top of your plants.