Fairly Vegetation that Repel Biting Bugs


Some pretty plants that repel biting bugs. That comes down to This Land of Ours.

Three pots of herbs: rosemary, basil and mint on a kitchen shelf.

Strongly scented plants have the ability to send annoying, biting bugs like mosquitoes and flies.

Grow basil on your patio table or plant basil in the garden bed. It’s both insect repellent and a culinary herb, so choose the strain that best suits your needs.

Insects like mosquitoes, ants and flies don’t like the smell of mint plants. It is also said to repel rodents such as mice and rats. Mint can be used in the form of crushed leaves, oils, sprays, or even mint gum to drive these pests away. If you are growing it in your garden make sure it is held back as this herb will spread aggressively.

Cut a few inches from the tips of the lemongrass leaf to release the plant’s natural beetle repellent oils. Lemongrass is also easy to grow from seeds and should also be stored in a container.

Mosquitoes, moths, and flies generally stay away from lavender plants, but the most effective way to keep them away is to rub the plant on your skin and nearby surfaces to release the oils.

Lemon thyme, garlic, and catnip are also great for the garden and act as natural pesticides.

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Pretty plants that repel biting bugs