East Texas: A hotspot for termites


Experts say there are 10 to 12 termite colonies per acre and millions of termites per colony in East Texas.

TYLER, Texas – The termite season is not over yet, and pest control specialists say East Texas is a hotspot for these insects.

Carl Lane, owner of Lane Pest Control, said, “If you don’t have termites now, eventually you will.”

Termites can get into your home in many different ways. They can get through your plumbing, the foundation wall – especially if they consist of pillars and beams, or through mulch pressed against your siding.

Lane continued, “This is the time of year when people make their flower beds and make their house look pretty. You don’t want to pile the mulch right next to your house. You want to be able to see your panel a few inches all around.”

Termites in East Texas

This video shows why regular termite services are so important here in East Texas. This shows termites infesting one of our Sentricon bait stations protecting a customer’s home. Check out our website for more information on how this will ultimately kill the entire Temit colony.

Posted by Lane Pest Control on Friday November 30th, 2018

Termites don’t take up a lot of space to get into your home. They only need about a quarter of an inch, which is roughly the width of your fingernail. If you suspect a termite, make sure it actually is. Termites can look very similar to ants who would be treated differently.

“The main difference is yours, your ant will have a segmented body, the head and abdomen and chest, a termite will not. It’s a single body,” Lane said.

He added that here in East Texas there are 10 to 12 termite colonies per acre and millions of termites per colony. If you notice something in your home, there could be a lot more. Call a professional as soon as possible to clear everything up.