Curiosity in Gardening Hasn’t Waned Alongside With COVID-19 Pandemic | Information, Sports activities, Jobs


Gabrielle Robinson, a full-time employee of Nicky’s Garden Center, shows off a patriotic-themed floral arrangement in the Warden Run Road store in Wheeling. (Photo by Scott McCloskey)

CYCLING – As people became more rooted in their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, their interest in home gardens blossomed. And even if pandemic restrictions continue to ease, local greenhouse and landscaping contractors say the interest will continue to be nurtured.

PJ Lenz, who runs Nicky’s Garden Center on Warden Run Road with his wife Nikki, said the demand for summer flowers, plants, soil and other supplies remains uninterrupted during this growing season. This sometimes makes it difficult to keep some items in stock.

“It hasn’t slowed down” Said Lenz. “Last year there were 19 million new gardeners in the US. Everyone was home. Everyone wanted to create their own garden. “

He said his company had a hard time keeping up with demand.

“And now this year it has been difficult to get soil, gifts and fertilizers.” he said. “All of this is in great demand. The demand continues. This year was no different from last year. The last two years have been really good for business. “

He said Mother’s Day was very busy at the garden center as various summer flowers and patio pots had been very popular over the past few weeks.

“We are preparing for our second planting” Said Lenz. “And we’ll be planting mothers for fall in about three weeks. So it’s kind of crazy. “

In addition to plants and garden items, ice cream is a very popular treat with customers of all ages who dare to go into their shops, Lenz says “Farmhouse Coffee Shop.”

Yensen Landscape & Supply is not far from Nicky’s Garden Center on W.Va. 88 and was very busy this year selling plants and gardening supplies.

“This is the busiest year I’ve ever had” registered landscape architect Chris Yensen said of the business since the pandemic started early last year.

“The vegetables were huge last year. We couldn’t keep anything in stock and it went like this again this year – without interruption. “ Yensen explained. “A lot of people tried growing their own vegetables for the first time last year, and we sold a ton of our Yensen raised bed planting soil for the home gardener. I don’t think it slowed down. “

Moving closer to Memorial Day weekend, Yensen said trays and flats with different varieties of annual flowers have been very popular with customers.

“It’s finally warm enough to put things in the ground and not worry about frost.” he added.

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