Halifax man’s fury after rodents and ‘half eaten rats’ plague garbage hotspot


A Halifax resident who lives next to a fly dump hotspot is furious after his repeated attempts to ask the council to clear the dump were ignored.

Mr Harris said the field near his home on Crabtree Street in Halifax was covered in rubbish from fly dumpers, which attracted rats.

He said he had complained to the council about this at least four times in the past 12 months, but the garbage had never been removed.

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He said, “This is the first time I’ve seen rats in my shared garden, but they’re common in the landfills and I’ve even seen half-eaten rats so I’m not sure what else is in there.

“Lots of people in the immediate area come by to go to the local Asda.”

The field on Crabtree Street has four different landfills, Harris said, who said the garbage in his picture is only part of the local problem.

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Mr Harris said when he contacted the council last summer they told him they were going to get someone to look into it, but the trash on site was never cleared.

“I moved here in October 2019 and during that time I haven’t seen a single community bus to evacuate it, but they cleared our bins when they dumped it there instead!” he said.

Mr. Harris said, “I think our country is one of the worst in the world for waste and landfill.

“I enjoy the Yorkshire countryside as much as the next person. However, we get to the point where it will spoil our beautiful county. “

Calderdale Council announced that a team of community security personnel has been sent to the site to investigate.

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