Dry wooden Termites swarming throughout Southwest Florida might price 1000’s of {dollars} in injury


CAPE CORAL, Fla. – Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but dry wooden termites are certainly not the gift that mothers are looking for.

“We like to call these drywood termites Mother’s Day termites because they usually swarm around this time of year so people often think of them when Mother’s Day comes out,” said Anna Wallace, branch manager at Truly Nolen Pest Control, Cape Coral.

However, the termites swarm in southwest Florida.

“The humidity has increased, which can be noticed outside, and that’s what makes the termites swarm when they feel the weather change, says the queen’s termite. Okay little boys, it’s time to swarm and find a new home, “said Wallace.

On the other hand, the termites are looking for a new home that could possibly be yours.

“Here in Cape Coral, most homes have about a quarter of an acre of land, and an important fact is that termite colonies on an average Florida acre can have 3-5 termite colonies on that acre. A couple of other things to keep in mind are that roughly every seventh home in the state of Florida has termites. When you notice the damage, it’s usually around $ 8,000. Remember, given the costs involved, we are in a very hot market where homes are being built and sold. So when you think about the rising cost of lumber, this is important and important to consider, ”Wallace said.

Anna Wallace of Truly Nolen Pest Control says it is important to take preventive measures right away.

“If you suddenly see flying beetles with wings in your house or right outside your house, it is important that you call a professional to have them inspected and treated, whatever can be found. So there are products that can treat the wood to prevent termites from getting into the wood, and even if they do, they will die from eating the treatment afterwards. Call a professional, have it checked, and protect your investment for the long term, ”said Wallace.