The way to deal with Mattress Bugs | Native Information


Most of the time, people move bed bugs from place to place. The most common methods that bed bugs start using are:

• Travelers bring bed bugs home with them from hotels or motels.

• They can be brought home with used furniture.

• Bed bugs can couple a ride to a different environment by hanging them on clothing. (Be careful when visiting someone who has bed bugs.)

• Family members who are away from home (such as college) can bring them home for the holidays.

• If you move into a house or apartment with bed bugs, you may have bed bugs too.

Bed bugs are difficult to treat and often require pest control professionals. UNL Extension suggests these steps when hiring professionals is not an option:

• Patience / Keep Trying – To kill bed bugs without the pros you need to be very patient and thorough.

• Washing – sheets, pillows and clothes. Dry completely in a hot dryer to kill all stages of the bed bugs.

• Vacuum mattresses, box spring beds (inside and outside), furniture, beds, headboards and carpets around the infested area and near the wall. When you are done vacuuming, remove the bag and throw it in the external trash.