Disinfection train has minimised bedbugs in colleges within the Northern region—Regional Schooling Director


The Regional Director for Education in the North-Northeast Region, Dr. Peter Attafuah, welcomed Zoomlion Ghana Limited and the Government of Ghana for their continuous and consistent efforts in the fight against COVID-19 in the country.

According to him, Zoomlion Ghana has done its job from the first day the country recorded its first positive COVID-19 case.

“I have to congratulate Zoomlion, they did well. From the first day the country recorded its first case, they made sure to sanitize and fumigate all the important places like schools, markets, public places, airports etc., to protect life in the country, “he said.

He noted that the disinfection drill helped schools fight bedbugs.

“We all know that controlling bed bugs in schools was a major challenge in most schools in the country, but today I can hardly hear of such problems due to the disinfection in schools,” he said.

He said the Ministry of Education and the Ghanaian Education Service held a series of meetings with the school principal to start a “back to school” campaign as most of the students were doing various activities at home.

“We decided to start the campaign (go back to school) because some male students have been engaged in economic activities and some women are pregnant making it difficult for them to go back to school. This campaign will highlight the need and importance I believe that education in the region and across the country will go a long way, “he said.

Mr. Attafuah urged parents and guidance to encourage their community to go back to school.

The Northern School of Business (NOBISCO) deputy roommate, Amantana Mumuni, took the opportunity to appeal to the government, corporations and non-governmental organizations to help the school with the infrastructure.

According to him, NOBISCO lacks the resources and infrastructure to practice social distancing.

“We have the infrastructure for our normal classes, but to practice social distancing we don’t have enough infrastructure to maintain social distancing. If the Ghana Education Service comes out that we should make room in our classes, we are disabled.” , he said.

He made this known when Zoomlion’s disinfection team visited the school to disinfect, among other things, the classroom, dining room and common room of the staff.

This shows that the school is ready and willing to accept learners for this school year.

He also noted that constant disinfection of the school helped control bedbugs in the school.

“Since the school disinfection exercise started, we have not had any complaints about bed bugs from our students, which suggests that this is a good initiative and I urge you to continue. I want Zoomlion and the Government of Ghana for that Thank you We are grateful for your continued efforts to protect the lives of ordinary Ghanaians and our schools, “he said.

However, he cautioned students to follow all COVID-19 protocols and school policies, as they are expected to return to school on January 15, 2021.

Rev. Edward Azeka, headmaster of Tamale Senior High, denounced that if GES announced that each class should accept 25 students to practice social distancing, there would be insufficient classes to accommodate all students.

He assured that his outfit was fully prepared to start the 2020/2021 academic year without any problems.

Rev. Azeka also commended Zoomlion Ghana Limited for its continued efforts to combat COVID-19 in the country.

The Northern School of Business, Tamale Senior High School, Ghana Senior High School, Damongo Senior High School, Queen of Peace R / C, and Buipe Elementary School were among the schools that are in the Northern and Savannah regions have been disinfected.

North Region General Director Zoomlion Peter Dawuni said his outfit will disinfect 8 colleges, 64 SHS and 602 elementary schools in the region.