Meals closures Eire: Standard metropolis deli gem shut over disgusting insect infestation


Putrid smells, a leaking drainpipe and “large fly infestation” were some of the reasons three Dublin businesses, including a deli and a takeaway, were shut down for security reasons last month.

The FSAI has served closure orders in the following cases:

  • Spar deli counter in Summerhill Parade (order to close was issued on July 7th and has not been lifted)
  • The King Pig Food Stall in Crumlin (order served July 17th and canceled July 22nd)
  • Eskimo Pizza and Lam’s in Deansgrange (order served on July 9th and canceled on July 14th)

The closure orders were served in accordance with the European Union Regulations (Official Controls Relating to Food Legislation) of 2020.

The reasons for the enforcement order at the Spar deli counter included discolored, dirty water leaking from the piping on the grease trap, “large fly infestation”, significant accumulation of food waste, lack of deep cleaning, meat dishes being stored at ambient temperatures for hours and more.

A closure order was served on the King Pig Food Stall in Crumlin after officials found there was no temperature control for high-risk cooked meat, no water supply at the sink, and no adequate food hygiene training for grocers.

Eskimo Pizza and Lam’s received an enforcement order due to the layout and design of the premises, which did not allow good food hygiene practices, a lack of measures to cool food quickly and inadequate disinfection of equipment.

An FSAI Act 1998 Improvement Order was also served on Rico’s on Richmond Street South.

In July, a total of ten closure orders were sent to food companies across Ireland.

Some of the reasons for the 11 enforcement orders issued to businesses across the country in July are rodent droppings that were used to store food, food preparation equipment, and food packaging materials, open containers filled with meat and surrounded by flies, scraps of food, and grease on the equipment goods and surfaces, aprons caked in blood and dirt, flies observed on sandwich prep boards, wet and dirty clothes strewn around a kitchen, internal refrigerators caked with food grime, no traceability information available to verify where the food came from, and inadequate pest control.

Dr. Pamela Byrne, Executive Director of the FSA, said: “It is imperative for food companies to understand the importance of food safety and to promote good food safety practices among their employees, particularly through ongoing employee training that a risk to consumer health has been identified or a number of ongoing violations the food law exists.

“No shutdown orders will be delivered for minor violations. It is clear that some food companies are violating the law and potentially putting their customers’ health at risk.”

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