AWBI points orders to ban glue lure for rodents | Nagpur Information


Nagpur: The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has ordered an immediate ban on the use of the glue trap method to catch rodents.
In a recent letter to the Directorate-General for Foreign Trade and Indian Pest Control Association, the board found that the glue trap method inflicts unnecessary pain and suffering on rodents and also goes against the spirit of the 1960s Animal Cruelty Prevention Act.
In early 2011, the board issued similar instructions to ban the traps, which were reportedly not followed. “We noticed that the glue traps are still being manufactured and sold across the country. No strict measures have been taken to ban imports or stop the manufacture of the glue traps, nor have such strict instructions been given to restrict the use and sale of the manufacture, ”the Chamber stated.
AWBI added that using glue traps is a cruel, recurring practice. “Humans typically use multiple traps and use them to control rats in a very short time. This directly violates Section 11 of the PCA Act, which is a criminal offense for a person, ”explained AWBI.
The sentence can extend to one hundred or imprisonment for a period of up to three months or both for the second or subsequent offense.
The Board has asked the General Secretaries of all states to issue appropriate instructions to ban the manufacture, sale, and use of glue traps. The Board has also asked the Director General of Foreign Trade to give instructions on how to ban the import of glue traps. The Indian Pest Control Association has also been asked to take similar action.