Why termite proofing is required? –


In Australia, the majority of people live in wooden houses because they look beautiful and are cozy in winter. More than 90% of a wooden house is made of wood, which unfortunately is the best meal for termites. A termite infestation is a very disastrous occurrence as most of the things in your home serve as a source of food for them. At our professional airline, Melbourne Pest Control, employees have found that 1 in 6 houses in Australia have a termite problem and in some high risk locations 1 in 3 houses are termite infested. Termites are blind, squishy, ​​white devils with antennae instead of horns. You can chew anything that’s made of cellulose.

Another major problem with termites is that they are found in colonies with a population between hundreds and over millions of people. So you must always be prepared for such a situation, otherwise you can do termite backups at home to prevent a termite infestation. You can’t get insurance to protect your home from termites. The only option for you is to get a termite pest control through Melbourne Pest Control.

Termites are hungry little creations of God that feed on anything made of cellulose. The following are termite’s favorite dishes:

  • Wood
  • Carpets
  • plants
  • Books
  • Wooden frame
  • material
  • Damp wood

Signs of termite infestation

To know if your building is experiencing a termite infestation, keep your eyes and ears open and look for the signs mentioned below by Melbourne Pest Control:

  • Clicking noises: If there are termites in your walls or furniture, you will hear constant clicking noises. This sound is made when these little beetles move here and there in the wood or when they chew through the wood.
  • White ants: People often mistake termites for ants and ignore them. But you should know the difference between an ant and a termite. Termites are smaller, have thick waists, and have straight antennae.
  • Problems opening windows and doors: When termites dig through your wooden door or window, they warp the wood and make it difficult for you to open them.
  • Hollow noise from the wall: Knock on the walls or other wood material in your house and if you hear a hollow or papery sound, you will have some uninvited guests.
  • Termite droppings: Most of the time, termites use their droppings to build the tunnels over the wood surface, but the dry wood termites don’t. Instead, they just throw it away at the end of their way, which you may notice as a dark powdery substance near their entrance hole.

Reason for terminating your home

There are some very obvious reasons why termite safety becomes a must for your home. According to Melbourne Pest Control, the top reasons that make termite safety so important for your home are:

If you’ve ever come across termites, one thing is for sure, you’ll agree with the fact that they’re not easily spotted. One reason for this is that they are devious little creatures that live right under our noses in every wooden object that is in our home. Another thing is that once you have noticed their movement, it is most likely too late to do anything about them, as they will make themselves felt when the infestation is at its peak.

Termites chew on anything made of cellulose including wood, paper, cardboard, clothing, etc. They also damage anything that gets in the way of their food. Once they step into your home, they’ll infiltrate all of the wooden walls, shelves, cabinets, and other wooden objects nearby in no time.

After determining that there is an infestation and calling a termite control professional like Melbourne Pest Control, you will be shocked to see how far the termites have damaged your property and how much money you may have to spend on repairing all of your belongings was damaged by termites. In many cases, people have to throw away their belongings when things become irreparable.

There is a small chance that you will be bitten by a termite, but there is still a chance that it will as the soldier termites can bite you if you disturb their colony. Termites do not carry harmful poison, but if a person has had allergies in the past, a termite sting can be harmful to that person, and in some cases, termite sting has caused asthma attacks in a person.

Termite damage is not covered by an insurance policy because termite damage is caused by insects that cannot be insured under an insurance company policy. So if you have a termite problem in your home it will be deducted from your savings.

Your home is never protected from termites. So give Melbourne Pest Control a call to get your home termite-proof. The adage “prevention is better than cure” applies to termites as you can save a lot of money by termite proofing your home rather than termite freeing your home after an infestation. Another thing to never forget is that once your property is raided by termites, there is always the possibility of a second raid. So don’t take any chances and call Melbourne Pest Control for an appointment to termite your home.