Alcoholic Rats? Haryana Police Blames Rodents for Ingesting Seized Alcohol


Chandigarh, March 9th: In a shocking incident, Haryana police accused rats of consuming thousands of liters of alcohol stored in various police stations across the state. The police justification comes from the fact that 29,000 liters of alcohol stored in 25 different police stations have disappeared. They then accused the rodents of drinking all of the alcohol stored in the storerooms or “malkhanas”. Rats at it again? Bihar police accuse rodents of drinking confiscated alcohol.

Alcoholic rats? Haryana police accuse rodents of drinking confiscated alcohol

Haryana police reportedly confiscated around 50,000 liters of country liquor, 30,000 liters of English wine and 3,000 cans of beer, with over 800 recorded cases, Aaj Tak reported. The seized alcohol is kept in the storage rooms of the police station during the search for clues and the verdict and then destroyed. Rats eating penguin food at Negara Zoo in Malaysia, angry Internet users questioning authorities after pictures and videos went viral.

The seized alcohol is kept very safe in the police station. Because of their storage, no rodent can nibble on consuming the alcohol, the report said. The country-made alcohol is stored in plastic bottles and poured into barrels at the train station. On the other hand, English wine or imported liquor is stored in glass bottles.

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