Weathering the storm of termite season in Midland


MIDLAND, Texas – Termite treatment is a part of home ownership that is less than perfect.

“We had our kitchen cabinets replaced and we found the termites during the removal of the kitchen cabinets,” said Devyn Daley, a Midland homeowner. “They were under our pantry.”

Daley and her husband found termites in their home last month.

Since then, they have focused on damage control.

“It was actually a little gross because they look like little maggots,” said Daley. “So it was like, oh, we need to get this removed now. How can I remove it?”

And yes, even the Texas winter storm didn’t keep those pesky bugs away from their dinner.

“As this house shows, they were inside a wall and it was 9 degrees, 0 degrees outside, they’re still active,” said John Hufford, owner of Hufford Pest Control.

Local pest control companies tell me it is damp and wet that pulls these underground termites to the surface and into homes in West Texas and does a lot of damage.

“I’ve seen houses with the ceiling falling because the termites came and they got into the walls and ate the studs up to the roof line,” Hufford said.

While pest control can treat termites after they’re already home, you can prevent these wood-hungry beetles from getting what they want most in the first place.

Check your home for water leaks and look out for anything that looks damp or irregular.

“Go out and turn your water meter, check it, and turn everything off in the house and make sure the meter isn’t running,” Hufford said.

Make sure the water sprinklers are not in direct contact with the house.

Termites cannot be transported through firewood because they need moisture. However, if you have firewood near your lawn, make sure it is away from the house and your sprinklers, as well as the ground.