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The FAO estimates that by 2050 there will be a shortage of 300 million tons of animal protein. Novel proteins are essential to solving this problem without harming the planet. bygora, focuses on edible insects. Not only are they a sustainable source of food for more than 2 billion people worldwide. They are ideal as animal and fish feed as well as animal feed.

The raw materials currently used in the animal, fish and pet food industries are mainly based on meat or soy. That cannot be sustainable in the long run. In terms of sustainability, novel proteins are the clear winners. They use much less water, land and fodder. Edible insects are good news for fish feed suppliers. You no longer need to use unsustainable fishmeal as insects have very similar nutritional profiles.

Classification of edible insects

Recent research by scientists has rated around 1,900 insects with varying levels of protein as safe for consumption. The most common insects used in the feed and food industry are the black soldier fly, mealworm, crickets and grasshoppers. Mealworms or buffalo worms are often used in foods such as protein bars, protein powders, or as a snack. Black Soldier Fly is only used in feed, where it is by far the dominant species due to its low cost and high hardiness.

The insects are known for their high protein content, which underscores the United Nations (UN) position on the consumption of edible insects, particularly in support of the fight against world hunger.

Compositions of insects

Insects have a high nutritional profile that is comparable to other normal sources of protein such as meat, fish or chicken. Dried insects can have protein levels between 50 and 70% and still have a fat content of 10-20%. They can be processed into foods and oils or even protein isolates, which can have protein contents of up to 95%. Overall, the insects’ nutritional profile makes them a great substitute for traditionally used meat by-products and soy, especially considering the sustainability aspect of their breeding.

Benefits of eating insects

1. Conservation of water and land resources

In addition to being a source of protein for consumers, eating insects can also benefit the environment as it helps reduce land and water resources. The increased consumption of insects will result in decreased consumption of meat and other protein sources that are heavily dependent on land and water resources.

2. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Another environmental benefit of eating insects is that it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which have been found to contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming. Insect production not only emits less carbon dioxide, it also saves rainforests from being burned down for soy and meat production.

3rd Stable income for farmers in emerging markets

There is no doubt that farmers around the world, especially in emerging markets, need more income. As a result, the increased consumption of insects will not only represent an additional source of income for farmers, but will also ensure their stability, especially since insect breeding is more frequent and less seasonal than arable farming. The great thing about insects is that they can be grown anywhere in the world. This enables local productions to be successful in their region and reduces the carbon footprint as the products do not have to be shipped worldwide.

4th Rich in the protein and iron you need

Edible insects are high in protein and iron, especially when compared to meat proteins. Studies have shown that some insects contain up to four times as much protein as other sources.

5. Great taste

In addition to being high in protein, edible proteins have also been shown to be delicious, making them a win-win for consumers. With over 1900 edible species, the variety of flavors is incredible and can cater to any taste you prefer.

6th Available in a handy powder form

Several brands have sprung up over the years to make edible insects easily accessible to as many people as possible. In a related development, consumers don’t have to worry about eating the insects whole as some of them are available in powder form. This powder can then be used in protein shakes and bars.

7th Possible answer to hunger and food insecurity

Consumption of insects has been identified by experts as a possible solution to the problem of food insecurity and hunger around the world. The growing popularity of edible insects amid an increasing need to increase food supplies has substantiated this claim.

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