Yorkshire man takes lovely pictures of mice ‘biking and buying’ after rodents take over his daughter’s playhouse


A mouse does a wheelie on a bicycle made from branches

The tiny rodents can be seen doing wheelies on a branch bike, pushing a shopping cart full of strawberries, and taking pictures of themselves with an old-school camera.

The scenes were captured by photographer Gez Robinson, 60, who befriended the mouse family in his own garden in Rotherham.

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He first noticed them during the initial lockdown when they took over his daughter’s old playhouse that had been left outside.

A mouse pushes a tiny shopping cart

Since then, he has patiently built up a series of scenes and got his little playmates to pose in front of his camera.

Gez took pictures of the mice every day after work.

He also has a Facebook page for fans of the mice called “The Mouse Family That Lives on Blackberries,” which has 27,000 followers.

He said, “Wild mice are very curious.

Three mice indulge in a photo shoot

“Sometimes I can sit there for hours and wait for them, but peanut butter helps seduce them.

“The photos are so funny, they make people so happy. You give people a smile every day. “

Gez bought the playhouse called Honeysuckle Cottage for his daughter when she was five.

“It’s always been in the garden,” he added.

Two mice examine a daisy

“We bought it for my daughter, who is 17 now. She obviously doesn’t use it and mice now live under it.

“That’s where they store things.”

Two mice hold a ladder