Kentucky couple allegedly left child in mattress bug-infested dwelling


A young Kentucky couple were arrested over the weekend for allegedly dehydrating their 1-month-old son and leaving their 1-month-old son with a bad rash while they were on drugs in their cockroach and bed bug-infested house.

MPs for the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office responded to the home of Dylan Litwora, 22, and Amber Neidlow, 19) in Shepherdsville on Saturday after a caller told them the couple had used drugs around their boy, according to a detention report they received WDRB TV.

Parents are also accused of feeding their baby’s cow milk instead of formula, leaving him out in the cold and providing unsafe living conditions for him.

When the officers got home, they said they found the baby had a “very bad rash” that was bleeding and, according to WDRB-TV, blisters around his diaper area, the arrest report said.

“The baby appeared to be in distress, having difficulty breathing and in pain,” one official wrote in the report. “The baby’s face was red and when he cried his voice was very low and sounded weak.”

The authorities then called child protection services and emergency services.

Paramedics at the scene saw the death show signs of dehydration and took him to the hospital, the news agency reports.

Meanwhile, officials are also said to have found marijuana, bongs, glass pipes, syringes and a plastic bag that appeared to contain meth.

Authorities say the house has been infected by cockroaches and there were bed bugs in the room where the baby slept.

“The clothes / blankets near the child were very dirty,” the arrest report said. “The residence lacked cleanliness and security.”

Litwora and Neidlow were charged with the criminal abuse of a second degree child, possession of marijuana, and purchase or possession of drug paraphernalia. You are being held at the Bullitt County Detention Center.