Three North Carolina Cities Amongst The Worst In The U.S. For Mattress Bugs

Three North Carolina Cities Among The Worst In The U.S. For Bed Bugs

As people across the country travel more and stay in unfamiliar places, the number of reported cases of bed bugs has also increased. For this reason, Orkin recently released its annual list of US cities with the top reported cases of bed bugs, using data collected from December 1, 2020 through November 30, 2021.

Three North Carolina cities earned a spot on the list:

  • No. 15: Charlotte
  • No. 24: Raleigh
  • No. 42: Greensboro

“Bed bugs are a problem for everyone because they’re master hitchhikers, traveling home with people when they probably don’t realize it,” said entomologist Orkin Ben Hotel. “Their nature of hiding in hard-to-find cracks and crevices can make them difficult to control, so it’s recommended that a trained professional be consulted upon sighting an introduction.”

So what should you do to minimize the risk of an infestation? Orkin suggests regularly checking your home for signs of bed bugs, checking mattress seams, baseboards, and even electrical outlets. Experts also recommend decluttering your home to make spotting the bugs even easier, and thoroughly inspecting any used furniture before bringing it into your home.

Here are the top 50 cities for bed bugs according to the report:

  1. Chicago, Illinois
  2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  3. New-York, New-York
  4. Detroit, Mich
  5. Baltimore, Md
  6. Indianapolis, Indiana
  7. Washington, D.C
  8. Cleveland, Ohio
  9. Columbus, Ohio
  10. Cincinnati, Ohio
  11. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  12. Los Angeles, California
  13. Champaign, Illinois
  14. Atlanta, Georgia
  15. Charlotte, North Carolina
  16. Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas
  17. Denver, Colo
  18. St Louis, Missouri
  19. San Francisco, California
  20. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  21. Greenville, South Carolina
  22. Charleston, West Virginia
  23. Flintstone, Michigan
  24. Raleigh, North Carolina
  25. Norfolk, Va
  26. Richmond, Va
  27. Omaha, Nebraska
  28. Buffalo, New York
  29. Knoxville, Tennessee
  30. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  31. Toledo, Ohio
  32. Dayton, Ohio
  33. South Bend, Indiana
  34. Nashville, Tennessee
  35. Davenport, Iowa
  36. Wayne, Indiana
  37. Youngstown, Ohio
  38. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  39. Miami, Fla
  40. Tampa, Fla
  41. Houston, Texas
  42. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  43. Greensboro, North Carolina
  44. Seattle, Washington
  45. Peoria, Illinois
  46. OrlandoFlorida
  47. Lexington, Kentucky
  48. Lansing, Michigan
  49. Louisville, Kentucky
  50. Lincoln, Nebraska

View Orkin’s full report here.