These Gardening Gloves Cherished by Amazon Consumers Are on Sale


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When the gardening season is in full swing, it is time to shop for new garden tools and accessories. Sure, picking the nicest annuals and perennials in the garden center is fun, but before you plant them, it’s also important to have a good pair of gardening gloves to protect your hands. And the best gardening gloves available on Amazon are Pine Tree Tools gardening gloves, according to the nearly 8,600 buyers who gave it a five-star rating. The gloves are currently $ 14, but Better Homes & Gardens readers can save 25% through Sunday May 23 by entering the code 25BHGGLOVES at checkout.

Buy it: Pine Tree Tools Gardening Gloves, $ 11 with code 25BHGGLOVES (originally $ 14), Amazon

The first-class unisex gloves are breathable and absorb sweat thanks to their bamboo fabric, which keeps hands dry and cool even in summer. Depending on the brand, they were developed with “bare-handed sensitivity” in mind, so that they feel like a second skin for tasks that require a firm grip, such as tearing up stubborn weeds, and are also touchscreen-friendly. They are suitable for everything from handling delicate flower bulbs to moving “a ton of paving stones,” as one buyer writes.

What really sets these Pine Tree Tools gloves apart is their tight fit compared to the loose design of one-size-fits-all gardening gloves. That means they are better at preventing dirt from getting in, protecting your skin from cuts or blisters, while also giving you the dexterity you need to handle small seeds and plants.

“They fit!” a buyer writes. “Yes, someone finally figured out that one size fits all gloves just doesn’t work. Actually, they fit like a second skin. You have an incredible ability to feel what is underground! You are cozy! I wore these for hours without taking them off. “

However, if a fitted glove doesn’t suit your style, just order one size larger or check the size chart to see which fit is best for you. They are available in sizes S to XXL. Don’t forget to enter the code when shopping the Pine Tree Tools Gardening Gloves on Amazon 25BHGGLOVES You will receive a 25% discount at the checkout.