The way to eliminate thunder flies from your home – key suggestions as pesky bugs swarm


Thunder flies are tiny black insects that feed on a range of plants and animals – and can quickly become destructive. Also known as thunder bugs, thrips or thripids, the insects have a sting and use it to pierce plants, fruits and animals in order to suck out the contents.

Thunder flies are often attracted to flowers because of their bright colors and can quickly kill young flowers.

With temperatures rising in the past few weeks, the British have no doubt opened their windows and doors to cool their homes down.

And the recent spate of thunderstorms may have caused thunderflies to appear in droves.

However, this is often an invitation for insects to fly in and wreak havoc.

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Keep all plants moist as thunder bugs don’t like moisture – so it is important to spray or spray your plants.

Vacuuming your home is key, and adding nets to your back door, windows and blocking all access routes.

However, should you have an infestation in your home – don’t panic!

The bugs will go away as quickly as they arrived, say the experts.

Pest expert Chris Davis told, “These insects will suddenly pop up in large numbers right before a thunderstorm – they’re pretty annoying and can get anywhere, including in your hair, behind picture frames, through mosquito screens, etc. They can the surface of the skin scratch / irritate. This is when we usually get a call.

“They’ll be disappearing as quickly as they arrived, unless your house is next to a pea / bean field – which thrips love!

“There is no easy treatment as most insecticidal formulations do not adequately penetrate the cracks and crevices where the thrips congregate.”