Termites pose huge menace to owners | Existence


Termites are among the most devastating intruders a homeowner can ever encounter. Every year they invade millions of homes and cause property damage running into billions.

Termites cause more damage to homes than fires and storms combined, and yet the damage is rarely covered by home insurance, as termite damage is considered preventable through proper house maintenance and termite protection. Arrow Exterminators, a local pest and termite control company, urges homeowners to learn more about this destructive pest and be proactive as termite swarming season approaches.

When temperatures rise, reproductive termites swarm from an existing colony to create a new one in a different location. These typical swarms are often the first time a homeowner becomes aware of a possible infestation

“Once termite infestation begins, damage can happen very quickly, so it’s imperative that homeowners do an early-season inspection,” said Mike Malone, Arrow pest expert. “Many homeowners believe that termites don’t exist just because they can’t see them. This is not the case, however, as termites are mostly present in a house long before they start to swarm. “

Possible warning signs for a termite infestation are:

• Termite wings, thin, paper-like wings usually found near window sills or floors.

• Mud pipes built by termites to connect them from the ground to their food source.

• Distorted paint or wood surfaces that appear “bloated” or cracked.

• Hollow sounding wood.

• Eating or termite droppings are a sign of dry wood termites and feel hard and gritty.

Arrow Exterminators offers the following tips to help prevent a termite infestation this spring:

• Eliminate moisture from foundations. Also, drain water from the house by using suitable downspouts and gutters as termites are attracted to moisture.

• Do not stack firewood or lumber near the house. Termites can bury themselves in the pile of wood and then directly into the house.

• Remove old stumps in the garden.

• Keep branches and shrubs well cut and away from the house, which will also help with inspections and finding termite infestations. Also, avoid excess piles of mulch, as this is a popular source of food for termites.

• Reduce the humidity in crawl spaces with adequate ventilation.

• Have your home inspected annually by a licensed pest controller who specializes in termite control. If you have termite protection, it is important to maintain your protection and renew it annually.

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