Weda Know-how makes use of bugs to transform into sustainable animal payment


Insect-based feeds are becoming more and more popular every day due to their high protein content, antioxidant ingredients, good taste, and efficient production capability to meet the increasing demand

WEDA’s modern technology for insect-based feed (Image source: Weda Technology).

WEDA Dammann and Westerkamp have set up production facilities for insect larvae in Germany and abroad. Jens Feldhaus, the WEDA product manager, explained that his know-how from automated liquid feeding systems for pig production is particularly useful in such projects.

How it works?

Black soldier fly is successfully fed in the WEDA system. Your larva can be up to 17 millimeters long and has a protein content of up to 55%. The WEDA technology was quickly integrated into the individual insect feeding systems. Pig farmers value production reliability, hygiene awareness and precise feeding within the budget and with ease of use. The right mixture of substances is one of the most important things in breeding facilities. Efficient communication and hygiene are also of great importance.

The 4PX computer from Weda ensures that the correct feed recipes are saved and controlled. The feed mixture is pumped through the MixPipe in a rotating movement and reaches the dosing station. The substrate mixture is administered in a monitored manner in WEDA.

Both the pet food sector and aquaculture approved insect-based feed. Feeding insects is a simple process. It can be used quickly to feed farm animals. In this innovative way, insects will in future become an environmentally friendly source of protein on site for animal feeding. WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH will work with the other operators to develop the innovative solution to expand their segment.

Weda Technology has been a pioneer for innovation and reliability for more than 80 years. It is a comprehensive provider of modern pig management, aside from feeding technology and animal house equipment. Weda Technology holds the segment of liquid manure treatment and aeration technology. The company has an extensive dealer network and is represented in more than 50 countries.