Raid Makes Substantial Presence on Cairo’s Billboards to Increase Consciousness about its Prime-Vendor Flying Insect Killer | INSITE OOH Media Platform


It seems that pesky mosquitoes and all flying insects love summer as much as we do, as they become more productive and active as the summer season arrives. Because of this, SC Johnson & Son Inc has launched a new campaign to take over the greater Cairo billboards to promote its flying insect killer spray Raid. This campaign has been in for a year of disappearing from the OOH arena. surfaced his last OOH campaign.

This campaign managed to get attention through the die cuts used on the streets, which made them one creative concept. In other words, the parts of the slipper Ambushed, and the wings of the mosquitoes were spotted outside the frame of the billboard. On the other hand, the pictures show a slipper trying to get rid of a mosquito. But just a touch of Raid’s insecticide removed the annoying flying insect. This is calming and demonstrating to the audience the “power that can protect you” that appears on a yellow splatter. Additionally, Raid is touted as “guaranteed efficiency” with “odorless”, also with a yellow splash to keep the ad more focused.

Would you like to learn more about SC Johnson & Son Inc.’s OOH campaign? You can find this and more (e.g. OOH types, types, media plan, budget, locations) under Outdoor surveillance (MOOH), Cairo’s dedicated OOH media intelligence company.