‘Rodents are operating the streets’ – anger over city’s fly-tip menace


“Frustrated and angry” residents have reported more butt outbreaks in Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire.

Health and safety concerns have been raised, along with allegations of “rodents” on the streets.

Last week, the Rossendale Free Press announced that Rossendale City Council was considering introducing targeted video surveillance to crack down on some of the worst hit parts of the city.

It came after a mattress and numerous garbage bags piled against a wall were among items left in incidents on Princess Street and Greenfield Street.

One resident said, “During these deserted times on my rare ventures, I got totally frustrated and angry with the state of our roads.”

More dirty grot spots were photographed this week and shared on local social media groups which were forwarded to the council for investigation. These include Clegg Street and Charles Lane.

Another resident who lives on Heys Street said: “We believe this is a serious health and safety risk and is a violation of the advice to keep the streets clean.

“We have proposed locked gates for residents and a free recycling collection for large items, as is the case in Hyndburn. Haslingden is being seriously neglected and rodents have been seen running the streets.”

In a new statement, the Rossendale Council said they would visit the affected areas this week to assess the evidence.

A spokesman said: “The Council is aware that this is a recurring problem in these areas.

“Last year we carried out a targeted redevelopment of the area that included an awareness and enforcement action plan. It is important that residents are provided with information and know what types of waste go into which bins so they can better manage theirs Household garbage.

“Letters were sent to properties with this information, and we alerted residents of our presence at the time. We advised residents to monitor the accumulation of waste and make further tipping movements if evidence was found.

“We are familiar with most of the areas in the photos and are currently working with the owner of the property on Charles Lane to clean up the litter that has accumulated behind the Biffa merchant bin and have planned to further target the area to try to solve the problem. ” Matter asap. “