The place the mattress bugs chew: Detroit, Flint, Lansing amongst most-infested U.S. cities

Where the bed bugs bite: Detroit, Flint, Lansing among most-infested U.S. cities

DETROIT — Three Michigan communities made it onto a list of America’s 50 most infested cities with bed bugs.

Orkin recently published its list of the 50 Best Bed Bug Cities of 2022, which ranked Detroit at #3, Flint at #23, and Lansing at #48. Chicago topped the list for the second year in a row.

Orkin based its ranking on data showing where the pest control company performed the most bed bug-related treatments from December 1, 2020 to November 30, 2021.

“Over the past year, as travel has revived in the U.S., restless Americans — and bed bugs — have been hitchhiking across the country for short vacations,” the company wrote in a statement accompanying the list.

“As consumers plan trips in 2022 amid the evolving pandemic, it’s easy to forget that bed bugs still pose a major threat. Given the understaffing in the hospitality industry, bed bug introductions may not be monitored as often as desired, so careful investigation is vital.”

Orkin officials reported that both Detroit and Lansing remained in the same position on the 2021 list. Flint, on the other hand, lost two places compared to last year.

“Bed bugs are a problem for everyone because they are masterful hitchhikers, traveling home with people when they probably don’t realize it,” Ben Hottel, an Orkin entomologist, said in a statement.

In his press release, Orkin outlined steps to prevent the spread of bed bugs while traveling, as well as tips for detecting an infestation.


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