Property UK: do away with mattress bugs at property and indicators to identify – professional suggestions


Bed bugs are small pests that often live on furniture or bedding. How can you get rid of them in your property?

“You can find bed bugs wherever there is a high population density.

“It’s on the rise everywhere and has been on the rise since 2000.”

How to spot bed bugs

Whether in the hotel or at home, the expert gave tips on how to recognize the pest.


Dr. Naylor added that most of the time they will stay away from the light so they can be hidden in places like behind the bed frame.

There are also fewer places to hide in hotels, making them easier to spot than at home.

Those looking for bed bugs should look for black stains on bed sheets.

“Black spots on the sheets are really typical of bed bugs,” says the expert.

Homeowners should contact local government or the pest control service.

Bed linen and clothing should also be washed immediately at 60 degrees for at least 30 minutes.

Freezing affected bedding and clothing can also help reduce the risk.

While insecticides can help, sometimes the pests are resistant to them.