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Pinnacle Pest Control, based in Sacramento, California, is proud to offer its termite control services to the local communities. The company offers a full range of pest control services, including inspection and damage control.

Pinnacle currently offers the conventional liquid barrier termite eradication treatment, which is widely recognized as a truly revolutionary method of treating a property. With the traditional liquid barrier, the company either digs a trench around the four sides of the building or drills a small hole through the ground or concrete slab and injects the chemical into the ground around or under the building. This creates a continuous barrier in the ground under and around the outside perimeter of the house. Treatment lasts three months (or less) and eliminates termites by ingestion or contact with the chemical.

Pinnacle’s highly skilled technicians are experts at protecting a home from underground termites. A home is the most expensive investment most people can make, and the team has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to protect their clients’ homes from underground termites. They also only use the safest and most effective materials. Every house is different; Therefore, their technicians follow the prescribed treatment methods outlined by a professional inspector at the time of a client’s initial inspection. A full list of the company’s services can be found on their website and Facebook page.

In most cases, the professional will prescribe a liquid termiticide application between the soil and the household. The most effective way of spreading it is by making narrow trenches that are located next to the base of the external foundation. In places along the outside where concrete is in contact with the structure, such as B. terraces, driveways, sidewalks and porches, small holes are then drilled in the concrete along the foundation. The solution is then applied to the ground under the concrete and the holes are patched. If there is a crawl space under the house in question, trained technicians can treat the soil at the base of the foundations, pier posts, and any places where plumbing can emerge from the ground and extend into the structure.

When combating dry wood termites, the inspector also prescribes the most efficient treatment method. When a dry wood colony is found, holes are drilled in the infested wood and orange oil is injected into the cavities where termites feed. If the holes and injections match the active gallery, the termites in the gallery will be killed on contact. For termites from damp wood, the inspector may prescribe a method that will remove and replace the damaged wood, and eliminate or correct the source of moisture that contributed to the infestation. In most cases, termites from damp wood can be fought without chemical treatment.

Pinnacle takes care of all types of pest problems and has experts capable of handling any pest control situation. The company says, “Rest assured that regardless of the results of your inspection, Pinnacle Pest Control can solve any of your problems. This includes everything from exterminating termites and beetles to replacing wood damaged by fungus and dry rot. Our highly skilled technicians can work on any part of your home that requires attention. “The company also offers homeowners a thorough inspection before any pest control (and also as a preventative measure). Find out more about the company’s service area here: GMB Location.

Pinnacle Pest Control’s commitment to providing its customers with the best possible service is reflected in the many positive customer reviews. Reiny O. says in a 5-star rating from Google that the team was: “Absolutely amazing! Best experience and great prices from start to finish. I hadn’t received a callback from Clark or any other local pest control company, but after less than 90 minutes of submitting a request online, I received a call from a friendly girl to do the estimate and rating. Jamie came over and was such a gentleman with my pug and checked out all of our options. When I got something confusing, I gently inquired and he kindly replied and fixed it. The price is great for services rendered and guarantees given. Wonderful experience with Brian, an industry veteran! Overall great. Thank you!”

To learn more about Pinnacle and its pest control services, customers can visit the company’s official website. The team can also be contacted by phone or email.


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