Moon section gardening: The holistic backyard of Napa’s Cindy Skinner | Residence and Backyard


“The benefits of gardening around the moon phase that I’ve noticed are the most consistent and best returns,” Skinner said.

However, gardening during the moon phase is not perfect, especially given the unpredictability of climate change. Skinner noted the ongoing heat spikes, particularly the extreme heat waves of 2020, which affected her garden in ways that the Farmers Almanac and Moon Phase Gardening could not have foreseen.

“The heat disrupted the germination cycle of some seeds,” Skinner said. “I had to water some of them three or four times a day until the heat was over to give them a chance to survive.”

“The heat even killed my runner beans with a shadow cloth. Also, many of my vegetables were burned from the heat. “Skinner added,” This year I’ll be using a lot more shadow cloth! “

Skinner also integrates other holistic measures into their garden. She said, “I use cover crops, especially fava beans, to improve the soil. Fava beans naturally improve the soil with nitrogen. “

Skinner also improves soil quality with other changes. To encourage root growth while reducing transplant stress, she adds a tablespoon of her favorite root tone. “Mulching with bunny poo is better than other manure because it’s not hot,” she said. “Unlike most fertilizers, which have to be composted or aged to reduce their strength and potential damage to plants, Bunny Poo is ready to use.”