Demand for seeds, crops and gardening provides could possibly be up in 2021


He says the cost of food also has a lot to do with why more and more people are starting urban gardening.

“You see a lot of people who want a little bit of food security. Groceries they can just choose instead of going to the grocery store or somewhere else, ”he explained. “You just go into the backyard and get a fresh product. They dig up a fresh potato or get a fresh carrot. “

He adds that gardening at home also comes with a sense of pride in growing your own food, knowing how it was grown and where – and having it available when needed.

Van Duyvendyk explains that there was a late start to the season last year – and a lot of people have just bought bedding plants. This year they are buying a lot more seeds and starting their own planting indoors.

But he says we shouldn’t worry if there will be too many shortages because last year many greenhouses thought they might not even be able to open their doors because of the pandemic.

“They reduced their production. And as more and more people are gardening and this is happening, we have found a shortage. This year we will see that the production of greenhouses will not be reduced and they will deliver much more this year than last year, ”he said.

Still, Van Duyvebdyk believes there will be a huge demand for root vegetables like certain types of potatoes and onions – and also for different types of flowers like impatiens.

If you want to start your garden with seeds, it’s time to start using vegetables like hot peppers, squash, tomatoes, and celery. Flowers such as pansies and petunias can also be sown.

A good reference is to look at the seed packets, which tell you how many days certain plants need to be planted before the last frost. A good point to be called the final frost is generally May 20th.

by Lara Fominoff / CKOM News