Monty Don shares container gardening secret for extra flowers


When you grow plants in pots, you can enjoy a colorful garden all year round. Change the plants as the seasons change and decorate your front door, balcony, terrace or path with cheerful, lively flowers in any weather.

Monty Don pointed out that it is especially important to container-feed your plants when gardening and to resist the temptation to give them too many extra nutrients.

Just like watering your best houseplants, you can also risk loving the plants in your garden too much and preventing them from developing beautiful blooms.

Containers of colorful flowers in a large garden

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On his blog, the host of Gardener’s World explains that plants grown in pots use up the nutrients from the compost they were originally planted in as they grow. For the rest of the summer, says the gardening expert, they therefore need “regular supplementary feed”.

Consistency is most important here, so try to make your plants a weekly routine to really get the benefits. You can set up a reminder on your Alexa device or add it to your weekend gardening list.

The amount of food is also crucial, as Monty explains. “The secret is to give just enough – and not too much,” he says.

monty don in the garden

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“Too many nutrients are just as harmful as too few because they cause rapid, exuberant growth – often at the expense of flowers or fruit – and that attracts additional problems with fungi and predators.” While container gardening will help you avoid weed problems, pests like slugs and slugs can still get to your plants.

Follow the directions on the food package and do not add more than necessary. Your plants will thank you and you will be rewarded with an impressive presentation.

Let yourself be inspired by a new layout for your property this summer. Take a look at our garden design ideas. Placing all of your pots in one place and arranging them differently can make the space feel new without having to buy anything.

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As a feed, Monty Don recommends anything that contains a lot of potash to promote the formation of roots and flowers. Alternatively, try liquid seaweed or a proprietary liquid tomato feed.