Mattress bugs: Tips on how to keep away from bringing pests dwelling from spring break


CHICAGO (WLS) – Bed bugs are the only thing you won’t want to take home with you when you return from spring break.

Despite their name, the insects can invade all of your furniture, even air ducts, as soon as they enter your home.

Whether you’re staying in a cheap motel or a luxury suite, we’ve heard horror stories about these creepy crawlers stashing away and coming into your home.

Bed bugs can lurk in your hotel room or in your short-term rental home.

“They’ll keep waiting for the next host,” said bed bug expert Jim Stavropoulos, co-owner of Eco Tech Pest Control.

Jim Stavropoulos says if you don’t think you could ever get her home, think again.

“Bed bugs don’t differentiate between the rich, the poor, the clean or the dirty,” said Stavropoulos. “If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ll get a bed bug and bring it home with you.”

“Bed bugs are really good at hiding. All they do is come out and feed for ten minutes when you sleep, and they come back and hide in bed.”

As the name suggests, they love beds and people to feed on, and they’re really hard to see if you’re not looking.

Jim brought Chatman on a house visit to demonstrate how to recognize them. He said his crew only wear suits for extreme cases.

“So we found a bed bug on the zipper part of the mattress, on the box spring cover,” said Stavropoulos. “We see this all the time.”

So what can you do to make sure you don’t bring bed bugs home with you?

First, put your luggage in the bathroom as soon as you enter your room or rental house. You can also put suitcases and bags on a luggage rack off the floor and away from beds or sofas.

Next, check the sheets, mattress, box spring beds, and even the headboard.

Look for dark, rust-colored spots. You can even see envelopes the bugs leave behind and eggs on hard surfaces like a picture frame.

If you find any signs of bed bugs, you should immediately ask for a new room.

“When you get home, don’t bring your luggage into your bedroom,” said Stavropoulos. “Preferably empty it in the garage instead. Put clothes in a bag and wash them if you can.”

Jim says don’t let the thought of bed bugs ruin your trip. As with most things in life, there are risks.

However, following these steps should give you a good advantage in steering so the bed bugs don’t bite.

Bed bug experts say if you notice there are bugs in your house, your best bet is to call an exterminator. Don’t try to get rid of them yourself. Treatment can cost anywhere from $ 500 to $ 5,000, depending on the severity and size of the home.

He says bed bugs can also hide in airplane seats, bus chairs, pretty much anywhere people sit and lay their heads, and they’re most prevalent in big cities.

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