‘Mattress Bug Cities’ Rating Places Flint Excessive on the Listing


Flint and several other cities in Michigan have a bed bug problem, according to a new ranking released this week.

This year, Flint ranks 21st on the list, up from 28th in the country last year. Detroit and Grand Rapids both land in the top 10, 4th and 10th, respectively. Lansing also makes the annual ranking of the 50 best cities with bed bug infestation, finishing 48th this year.

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The annual list is compiled by Orkin. This classifies the subway areas where the pest control company performed the most bed bug treatments in the previous year.

Chicago tops the list this year, followed by Baltimore and Washington DC in second and third place. Cities that are popular hubs for tourism and have extensive public transportation systems are considered safe havens for bed bugs, according to Cision.

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In 2019, Carman Ainsworth High School and Mott Community College confirmed a bed bug infestation on their campus.

The full list of U.S. cities with bed bug infestation problems can be found here.

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