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Bed bugs are a particular pest that people don’t like to find in their home or business. These little hitchhikers move easily and stealthily, and often go unnoticed until they have time to attack an area. Indianapolis Bed Bug Specialists helps Indianapolis residents rid their property of these tiny unwanted pests.

“The history of the bed bug goes back to ancient Egypt. Just let that sit for a minute. What many people once thought was a silly nocturnal phrase are indeed real pests that can be overwhelming to deal with, ”said the manager. “As recently as 20 years ago, not many people were familiar with them because they didn’t appear everywhere in cities. Nowadays, more and more people seem to be becoming aware of this nuisance from a pest. ”

Bed bugs have been around for a long time, but they seemed to have been defeated by a time when DDT was discovered in 1939. Unfortunately, this particular pest reappeared 60 years later and appeared to be resistant to pesticides. In low-income neighborhoods and housing, many appear to be forced to live with a bed bug problem, and this is worrying.

“Bed bugs can spread quickly, so the potential for bed bugs is higher in areas where living spaces are in close proximity. And that through no fault of your own, which can be even more frustrating, ”said the manager. “It’s important to inspect your room when you travel, but it’s also important to inspect your own home and living space regularly.”

Inspections can be done without the help of a professional. Most bed bug killers, however, prefer to have their own inspection as it will help them come up with the best treatment plan. Regardless, an inspection can help prevent a serious problem because if noticed right away, fewer treatments are usually required to correct the problem.

“However, if the problem goes unnoticed or not, additional treatment is likely to be required to completely remove it,” added the manager. “That’s why we always encourage property owners to turn to an expert the first time they suspect or discover bed bugs. The sooner you act, the lower treatment costs you can expect. “

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To help plan a bed bug inspection in Hamilton County Indianapolis Bed Bug Specialiststhe company can be reached by phone or on their website. They provide bed bug services as well as other residential pest control solutions.


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