Gardening throughout the pandemic


TUCSON, Arizona. (KGUN) – John Marshall loves his garden, he’s been growing his zucchini and other vegetables at his home in Vail for some time, but last year it became especially important during the pandemic, it saves money.

He also says it’s the best and most relaxing part of his day.

“I used to be a farmer in the north and always wanted to create gardens everywhere. We need to have something to eat – you know, and the shops went empty, ”Marshall said.

John says some thought he couldn’t grow a lush and green garden in the Arizona desert. However, his persistence was the key to successfully growing his garden.

“I said let’s try, and people actually said you can’t grow one of these gardens like that. I said we’ll try and we’ll do it now. I use a mixture of cow dung and the dirt down and.” I just water it right three times a day, ”Marshall said.

John also has a couple of ponds filled with koi fish to add to his oasis. He says that the end of the day is about enjoying the simple things in life and for John the only thing he plans to do in the years to come is to invest time and patience in his passion and hope that others will can do the same.

“It’s great that you can grow things with your own hands, it only took me a month,” said Marshall.