Finest Residential Termite Management with Eco-Pleasant Pesticide


The pesticide is based on a formulation to replicate chlorantraniliprole, a naturally occurring compound found in the bark of the South American plant Ryania Speciosa that protects children, pets and families from the harmful effects of synthetic pesticides.

Treebark is a pest control company that specializes primarily in termite control in Anaheim. Treebark’s Torrance definitive termite control service is fast and effective, providing the highest level of termite protection for families, friends and pets. This is because they use Chlorantraniliprole (Treebark), a synthetic compound that affects the ryanodine receptors in the termite muscle fiber.

Chlorantraniliprole is extremely effective against almost all termite species. Once they come into contact with the organic toxin, they ingest it and carry it back to the colony. Chlorantraniliprole is completely imperceptible to any termite and any termite that has been exposed to it will quickly experience paralysis. The paralysis begins in his mandibles, effectively stopping the tunneling process through wooden structures. The chlorantraniliprole causes the termites to lose energy, become paralyzed and die.

This naturally derived tree bark compound drives termites out of their homes, destroying their colonies and keeping them away for up to a full decade. Although it’s much more expensive, it’s still better than traditional insecticides. This is because while termites develop immunity and resistance to toxins, they don’t stand a chance against Mother Nature’s naturally derived TreeBark product and method.

With Treebark Final Termite Control Services, customers’ homes are treated and monitored by one of their highly trained technicians for maximum effectiveness. This monitoring takes place over the years, with monthly visits depending on the needs of the home.
“This company is extremely professional. Staff are polite and thorough. Dave our technician was fantastic. During work he was punctual, pleasant and informed about the procedure. Treebark Termite and Pest Control come highly recommended,” reviewed Trainor Linquist on Google Reviews.

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About Treebark Termite and Pest Control

Treebark is a pest and termite control company with over 70 years of experience ridding homes in the Southern California region of various types of pest infestations. The company started using the synthetic active ingredient chlorantraniliprole years ago due to its environmental friendliness; The compound is a South American tree that repels and kills insects such as termites. Treebark does everything possible to avoid using commercial pesticides unless the situation is dire. Their family-friendly approach sets them apart from the rest.

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