eliminate termites in your house


Experts say termites love the rain and are more likely to survive in humid environments.

All the rain has churned up some flying pests ready to cause damage.

And the constant rain makes the infestation worse.

We spoke to a local pest control company, ABC Home and Commercial Services, and they said these little insects had been quite a problem for a lot of the people in the Houston area.

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Staff said they were inundated with phone calls from homeowners looking for help.

Experts said termites love the rain and are more likely to survive in a humid environment.

The February freeze delayed the activity of insects – termites in particular, and now it is causing a problem for many residents.

Experts said they don’t really need a lot of space to get into your home. You only need a gap as thick as your fingernail to get in and feed on the wood.

“What we are seeing right now are just late swarms of subterranean termites flying out. What they want to do is spread out to the environment and they want to separate, get into the ground and men and women want to create colonies of their own” said ABC President Raleigh Jenkins.

So if you see termites in your home, hairspray can be used to knock them down and soak them up.

Make sure you capture some so you can identify the problem and get help from an expert.

When you call an expert to help you make sure it is a credible company that you can call in the future to do the warranty work if necessary.

However, if you can’t afford a professional pest control company, you can try remedies at a local hardware store. But make sure you follow the directions for a tee shot.

By the way, experts tell us that vinegar and lemon don’t really work.